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The Esport Factory is a place where dreams come true and where are no limits at all. And it’s not just for gaming lovers: Whether it's preparing for an Esport tournament, a relaxed LAN party with friends or live matches on our big event stage - we offer all that and much more. We are more than just gaming. With a lot of time and love we have now managed to develop a unique and high-quality product for you: Our NICEDRY Grip Cream. Many gamers have visited us for a bootcamp in the past and had problems with sweaty/slippery hands every day whilst gaming and even at big tournaments.

Especially when precision and speed are important, grippy hands are the key for success. To solve this problem, there is now our new NICEDRY, which is sustainably and locally produced in Germany and allows you to enjoy non-slip and the best feeling whilst gaming. Curious?

Don’t wait too long. Get your Grip now.

We hope you like the product as much as we do and we are really excited to finally introduce you our passion project.

About the product

Combining antiperspirant and skin care at the same time makes NICEDRY Grip Cream unique, providing the extra performance you want. Our NICEDRY mixture is not an aggressive medical product like from the pharmacy, but is much more skin-friendly on the basis of aluminium chlorohydrate, as the pH value is also more alkaline.

The use of competing or medicinal products makes the hands too dry. Although it helps against sweaty hands (hyperhidrosis), skin care is extremely neglected. As a result, side effects such as skin irritation and severe itching can occur.

In our NICEDRY Grip Cream we use aluminium chlorohydrate, not aluminium chloride. The latter is normally used for pathological sweating (hyperhidrosis), but with the corresponding side effects mentioned above.

What else distinguishes our NICEDRY Grip Cream besides its unique recipe and practical design? We attach great importance to regionality and sustainability and can therefore guarantee you a 100% ecological, local and controlled production of the product and the packaging. SanderStrothmann GmbH from Georgsmarienhütte is responsible for the environmentally friendly and local production of the product.

  • Seamless movements on mouse/keyboard/controller with NICEDRY Grip Cream
  • Emulsion also provides general skin care
  • Moisturising glycerine & betaine
  • Antioxidant vitamin E
  • With grape seed oil & shea butter

Questions or suggestions?

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